Sher has always been a 'gym junkie', so it was no surprise to family and friends when she decided to study to become a Personal Trainer while living in Australia in 2010.

Her motivation was simple: Exercise can be fun and fulfilling and she wanted others to know this and feel this too.  With that mindset it was natural for her to look into Group Fitness Training when her Personal Training course arrived at that point.


"Exercise is all about the right attitude, and there is nothing more inspiring or motivating than working with a client who keeps pushing beyond what you thought they could manage - some days it is simply mind blowing!"



Sher gets her other 'buzz' from group instructing.  She loves watching her participants get stronger and fitter week after week and seeing how proud they are of themselves.  It is the best motivation you could ask for to keep doing this for a living - because this is not a 'job'.








Australian Institute of Fitness, Brisbane

Certificate III in Gym Instructing


Certificate IV in Personal Training


Master Trainer Certificate

Les Mills Body Pump Course, Australia



Les Mills Body Pump Instructor

Fitkids Course, Brisbane



Instruct children in Schools in Physical Fitness by independent body

Thump Boxing Course, Brisbane, Australia




Thump Boxing Instructor


2016 Gymnastic Australia, Fiji


Certificate to train Kindergym and Aero Gym (put that in all of our bios too - you can look up what the certificates are called and what that means we are qualified to do.





2013 Complete Property Training,  Australia

Real Estate Salesperson Certificate



1993 Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand

Pharmacy Technician Certificate




- Cardiovascular Conditioning

- Strength Training

- Muscle conditioning and toning

- Tailored exercise plans

- Nutrition guidance

- Weight Loss





'Do everything with a smile and the right attitude and you will always succeed"